18th PRIMAVERA LITERÁRIA BOOK FAIR, Museu da República, 2018

On its 18th edition, the Primavera Literária Book Fair went back to its usual site – the Republic Museum Garden, located in the Catete Neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. The challenge here was to occupy the garden in an integrated manner, so as to simulate the walk and appreciation of the site, as well as to provide a shelter from the rain for the books and the visitors.

The project established a dialog with the garden landscape. Originally designed by landscape designer Auguste Glaziou, and afterwards remodeled by his pupil Paul Villlon. Most comercial stands were aligned along the garden’s main axis. This axis is surrounded by palm trees on both sides. The distance between these trees is 6 meters, the same dimension of the tents so the tents ollowed the same rhythm of the landscape design.

The use of reusable materials enabled an efficient and sustainable occupation of the garden. The four day fair brought literature, art and music to the place, thus stimulating the public’s occupation for future activites.


Liga Brasileira de Editoras


Tiago Tardin