Different maladies demand different medical treatments. The same concept applies to criminal punishment. Michel Foucault.

The main program is divided into 2 floors. These spaces are organized in a ring structure surrounding the control tour. This composition, directly influenced by Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon model, permits total control over the headquarters 24h a day. There is a sense of constant observation and surveillance.

Prison cells are well lit and well ventilated. This is of extreme importance from a medical point of view seeing as badly lit or ventilated spaces tend to worsen sicknesses and disseminate contaminations.

The Circle Community is set on the roof. A great plane where all the chores are divided according to seven programs, each one corresponding to a particular crime and therefore, a particular redemption program.

Eventhough the project is inspired by Bentham’s traditional model, the Pacific Prison’s great innovation lies in its concern with the individual’s redemption process. The prison is not a mere storage facility, some place to keep the criminals away, but is converted into an actual recovery unit.


Mariana Magalhães Costa, Gustavo Andrade